Are you ready to see CHANGE within your child? Do you want your child to learn how to CONNECT with themselves and others? Do you dream about your child knowing what CALM feels like?


Then join me!

I am here to revolutionise the way we heal

and transform the minds and lives of our children and teens with special needs and who’ve been affected by trauma.


What has led me to this great task you may ask?

As a Social Worker who has worked within Child Safety and Foster Care I have had many opportunities to witness the daily challenges associated with caring for children with various needs and abilities.


Within each family that I have had the privilege of working with I couldn’t help but notice a constant GAP in the support services children were accessing – it became clear to me that children were never being guided into a state of CALM which they so desperately needed. It is near impossible for the brain ‘rewire’ unless the child is feeling safe, secure and calm.


I often felt frustrated, devastated and useless because these children had the potential to CHANGE however were not being taught tools to do so.


Sunset Yoga

We simply cannot ignore the mind and body connection anymore

Why do I believe in Yoga and Meditation so strongly?

BECAUSE IT WORKS! Too simple? Ok, I’ll share a story (the short version)…

From a personal perspective, it has healed and transformed my mind. I began suffering from anxiety and panic attacks well into my adulthood which scared the beejeebas out of me! I kept thinking, why now? what's changed?


After having spent too long feeling like I was having a heart attack and not getting the 'magic potion' from friends or family, I decided to commit to daily yoga and meditation. I can honestly say that as each day goes by I feel more and more like the “master” of my own mind and now have the tools to help CALM myself when the anxiety or panic sets in. Imagine if i had access to these tools from a young age...


And then my AHA moment...

Whilst in the U.K in 2017 my friend and I were trying to solve my career direction dilemma - I wanted more for the children I worked with!


After many, many chocolate biscuits and cups of tea, she said “why don’t you combine everything you love and are passionate about?”. This in my case was neuroscience, trauma, child development, yoga and meditation.


With this simple question, my head began to spin and my heart beat began to race and there it was. The idea I had been waiting for. The idea that would have me returning to Australia far earlier than expected because I just couldn’t wait in making this fabulous idea a reality – I decided then and there that I would use the calming, joyful and purposeful practice of Yoga Therapy to begin a much needed REVOLUTION in the way we heal and transform the lives of children. 

Join me in this venture and let’s work towards having a transformational impact on your child’s life.



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