Package for schools and organisations

package involves:

  • 8-10 weeks of individualised yoga therapy classes.

  • A parent/carer workshop, conducted half-way through program, and

  • A family yoga session, which will occur as the final class.

To be a teacher or support worker of children with various needs and abilities is no easy task. 


Within the school setting in my experience children and young people affected by trauma or with special needs often experience;

  • learning difficulties,

  • social isolation,

  • bullying,

  • heightened states of anxiety, and

  • difficulty regulating their emotions to remain engaged with the teacher and learning content.


These issues and more can have devastating consequences such as;

  • low self-esteem,

  • little to no social connections,

  • exhibit extreme and challenging behaviours, and

  • completely withdraw from the world around them.

The most important aspect of any Yoga Therapy class with children is to create a safe, secure and predictable space. Once this is established yoga will help to improve:

  • social skills,

  • concentration levels,

  • a child's connection with their body,

  • emotion identification and regulation skills, and

  • self-confidence.

Our brains are unable to retain new information or problem solve if they are anxious, frustrated, angry or upset. If we can guide the children into a state of CALM more often, then the LEARNING CAN BEGIN!



Yoga is, at the core, a practice that allows you to be YOU.


Through its range of poses, many breathing techniques, and a diverse range of meditations, it has the power to influence children's minds through the body, and when working with children, this is a perfect approach as they may not have the ability to verbally communicate what is going on for them. 


What's involved?

  • Poses: Stretching and strengthening poses will be incorporated into age appropriate games and activities. The goal here is to release stored tension from the body and improve flexibility, co-ordination and balance. 

  • Breathing: 2-3 breathing techniques will be taught and practiced throughout each class which help to calm the mind, release emotions, encourage self-reflection, clear the mind, and reduce anxiety, anger and frustration.

  • Meditation: The final part of the class involves 'relaxation' time, or meditation. The art of meditation teaches children how to control their thoughts through concentrating on a single idea or object. It is during this time that the 'magic can occur' and the subconscious mind can be accessed. During meditation, we are able to substitute the disempowering beliefs, such as 'I am a bad person', to beliefs such as 'I am kind', or 'I am special'. This powerful aspect of the class also creates a calm and safe space for healing to begin, teaches children how to self-regulate, encourages self-awareness and acceptance, and inspires. 


What will children need? 

  • loose and comfortable clothing,

  • his/her own yoga mat if desired. These sessions are aimed at creating a safe and calm space on the yoga mat which the child will be encouraged to access at home. Spare yoga mats will be available if needed,

  • water bottle, and

  • please ensure children have been to the bathroom before class.

When? where? how long?

Classes will be run according to the school term either before, during or after school hours.

The duration of each class will be 60min.

Schools: Classes will occur within your school. 

Organisations: Classes will occur within a space you can provide. If this is not possible, please mention this to me and an alternative space can be arranged. 

class details

workshop details

This trauma-informed workshop will ensure parents/carers leave with a range of new and innovative strategies to assist the children in their care physically, emotionally, and psychologically. 

This workshop will consist of:

  • An overview of the brain when a child's sympathetic nervous system (fear response) is overactive; 

  • The physical, emotional and psychological benefits of yoga therapy (eg how yoga strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system - relaxation response); 

  • The reasons why yoga therapy is becoming a highly sought-after therapy for children with special needs or those affected by trauma; 

  • A range of trauma-informed poses they can do with their child/ren; 

  • How to select a breathing technique depending on the child's state of mind; 

  • A method in selecting an appropriate meditation for their child; 

  • A list of go-to resources which will help them further explore yoga and meditation within their home. For example, a range of bedtime yoga books to assist with a calming night-time routine. 

What will parents need? 

  • Parents will only need pen and paper if they wish to take notes. 

When? where? how long?

  • The duration is 2 hours. 

  • The workshop will occur half-way through the program as I will have an idea of the children's needs and can target these within the workshop with their parents. The parents will also have a chance to implement the techniques and strategies which benefits their child and the relationship. 

  • The workshop will occur in a space provided by your school or organisation. If this cannot occur, please let me know and a space can be arranged. 

can I book a workshop without the classes?


This workshop can be arranged as a one-off, or ongoing if it suits the needs of your school or organisation. 

With a parents to-do list only growing, it's no wonder families are feeling disconnected at times. Family yoga classes provide the same benefits as regular classes; relaxation, peace of mind, and increased strength and flexibility.

There is an extremely powerful and important added benefit however, and this is the opportunity to build connection and facilitate bonding between parent and child.

When? where? how long?

  • The family yoga class will be the last session of the program. This creates a wonderful sense of closure to the program, with parents having the opportunity to ask any questions on the techniques and strategies they have been implementing as a result of the workshop. 

  • The class will take place in the same location as the children's classes. 

  • Class duration is 60min. 

what will parents and children need? 

Simply themselves and their willingness to have fun with their child!

family yoga session


Contact me now to discuss COST and availability. I would love to work with you and begin transforming the minds of the children you work with. 


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