One-on-one sessions

Kids Yoga Therapy sessions are built on the NEEDS OF THE CHILD. From the beginning of the program my priority is to get to know each child and you, so I can UNDERSTAND their emotional, developmental, physical and social needs.

There is a distinction between yoga and yoga therapy


Yoga therapy is highly individualised and involves establishing goals and objectives for you and your child from the start. The overarching goals of yoga therapy are to:

  • eliminate, reduce and manage symptoms that cause suffering. For example frustration, anxiety and aggressive behaviour;

  • alter a child's relationship to and identification with their condition or disability;

  • develop and maintain social relationships

  • understand and accept that everyone is 'different';

  • teach children the tools to self-regulate

  • support parents/carers to implement tools within the home; and

  • build and strengthen the connection between children and their parents/carers. 


For these reasons yoga therapy is becoming one of the most sought-after therapies world-wide for children with special needs, complex behaviours and those affected by trauma.

Kids Yoga Therapy believes success builds success. Whether your child has ADHD, Autism, learning delays or mental health issues they will have strengths and when they are focused on we will see their self-confidence and self-worth blossom. Once you join the Kids Yoga Therapy community information will be gathered regarding your child's history and predispositions which informs the methods used within each class. For example, visual guides will be used for a child with ASD to follow directions if needed, while a child with ADHD may require a moving meditation instead of one based on sitting still. 


Often children who’ve experienced trauma or have special needs remain ‘stuck’ in the stress response (our fight or flight response) which is our sympathetic nervous system. Yoga was created to activate and strengthen it’s opposite, the relaxation response or parasympathetic nervous system. 


Yoga recognises the mind and body connection. As children with complex behaviours or needs find it difficult to communicate, Yoga Therapy has the ability to create positive change in the mind through the body which can feel less intrusive then traditional methods such as counselling.

If you are beginning to see how Kids Yoga Therapy can help and support your child then please join me!

one-on-one sessions

8-week intensive


What's involved? 

  • 4 X In-home Private Yoga Therapy sessions (1-hour). During these sessions, Jessica will work one-on-one with the child using yoga and meditation therapeutic techniques to work towards the identified goals of the program. Additional therapeutic strategies will also be incorporated into the program if required and will be based on Jessica's experience working as a Social Worker. At the end of each session the practitioner will discuss the session with you and provide all information you require to begin integrating the strategies into your daily routine to maximise the effectiveness of the program.  

  • 4 X Parent Support Collective Coaching sessions (1 hour in duration). This is a coaching support group designed to empower you and ensure you never feel alone or lost during your parenting journey. The design of this coaching group is to find solutions. All too often we focus on what isn't working, what is wrong, what we have done wrong and what our children have done wrong, which all lead to feelings of overwhelm and possibly hopelessness. The work we will be doing each fortnight will be geared towards finding solutions for any issues or concerns that arise throughout the program. These solutions will create long-term success for you, your child and your family. As we only work with children who require additional support, you will be surrounded by parents who truly understand the difficulties you face.  

  • Parents/carers are offered access to their practitioner outside of session times throughout the 8 weeks.  Your practitioner will work with you to create routines, strategies and techniques you can do with your child post-program. You will have unlimited access to your practitioner during the 8 weeks. 


These sessions will occur within your home where your child feels safe and comfortable. A quiet space will need to be available during this time.

What will your child need?

  • loose and comfortable clothing,

  • his/Her own yoga mat if desired. These sessions are aimed at creating a safe and calm space on the yoga mat which the child will be encouraged to access outside of the sessions. Spare yoga mats will be available if needed. 



  • Sessions will occur before, during or after school hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.


Head to the 'Contact Me' page, send your details through and I will arrange a no obligation call to discuss the options for you. 

* Flexible payment plans are available for you if needed

** Kids Yoga Therapy is a NDIS Registered Service Provider 


Tel: 0403 270 367



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